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Awash National Park

  • Awash National Park 

    Weekend trip to the oldest national park in Ethiopia – Awash National Park

    Tour Code: OET 02
    Duration of the trip:2 days
    Transportation: Minibus

Tag 1: Addis Abeba-Nazret-Awash National Park

We start early in the morning driving over the first Ethiopian highway east through Nazret/Adama. The city of Nazret is the capital of the administrative region of  Oromia since 1991 . On this journey we get the chance to observe a variety of animals and we will also gain an insight into the geology of Ethiopia. We will learn how the African rift originated and how this beautiful gorge was shaped in a landscape. Above all, we can experience young lava rock here.
We arrive at Awash National Park in the late afternoon. The park was founded in 1966 by Emperor Haile Selassie. Since then, it has become a protected area for the animals, the dry acacias and thorn bush savannas of the African trench quarry.  Now the park has 756 sq km area. The park is home to a huge variety of animals, birds and plant species, a total of 453 birds, 81 mammals and 42 species of reptiles.
We arrange a game drive through the park.

Day 2:Awash National Park and Addis Ababa

After breakfast, we visit the most important viewpoint of the park to discover more animals and bird species. East African Oryx, big Kudu ,small Kudu, Günther Dikdik, ,waterbucks, anubispavians, coat-pavians, Ethiopian green-sea cat as well as jackals and warthogs are among the species that call the park their home.  Drive back to Addis Ababa – approx arrival 8pm.

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